In these 2 videos, I am articulating much of what has shifted for me in running my business as a result of my spiritual awakening in 2013.  I have fully embraced that I am now running a Spiritually Awakened Business, and for the first time I’m revealing what this feels like and looks like from where I stand.

These are the confessions of a spiritually awakened entrepreneur detailing some of the seemingly radical shifts I’ve made in the day to day running of my biz.  For me, these were the 9 signs that I had shifted.  Greatly.  To a new world of business.  An awakened world of business.

You may resonate with some of these signs, all of these signs or none of these signs.  But one thing’s for sure, our entire planet is shifting, and I’d be willing to bet I’m not the only one experiencing the running of my biz in an entirely new way.  Some of this may sound a little strange by comparison to “normal” human beings running businesses.  And that’s ok because I prefer anything but “normal” these days.   🙂