As y’all know… I only record episodes when I’m sincerely excited about what I’m sharing. If I feel no excitement for any particular topic in a given week, I simply don’t record a show. Whatever I’m sharing has to light me up. I have to genuinely feel thrilled to share what I’m sharing. This week’s video is a special episode but it is no exception.

After I first recorded this video, I felt a bit uncertain about releasing it as I’m revealing my own private perspectives, much of which I’ve not shared before. This reflects my own evolution and expansion, especially within the past year. So then, I went back in to edit it so it fits into an hour (‘ish 🙂 ) and was like… “Hell to da yes!” LOL! So here it is!

Warning: I am in rare form in this video. If you subscribe to religious or societal norms and expectations, this ain’t gonna be a match my friend. My feisty side is at play and I’m pretty direct, although playful at times (you’ll see). Heed my opening words in the video however. You’ve been forewarned. “Allison unleashed” all up in this one!  Enjoy! 🙂

P.S. Virtual high five to all the spiritually awakened singles clicking on this video. Much love to ya’ll! Rock your singleness my sista/brotha!!

P.P.S. As always, feel free to share your comments/questions either here or on YouTube – at the moment, I’m having a whole lotta fun personally responding to each person and if you’re one of them, lookin’ forward to saying hi to ya! 🙂